Dancing outside the Line

Learning methods on how to emerge from selfishness, and evolve into selflessness


The  information provided throughout this website is nothing more than that of a personal perception.  It neither endorses nor discredits any form of religious practices or doctrines.  It is based solely on education and given from a personal perspective.   These opinions, views, or otherwise are just that.  This website presents only one example of a different form of life and or lifestyle.  It does not require your personal acceptance, nor is it an issue to be negated.  It was created solely to challenge you,  to step outside of your comfort zones.  This tool is being provided to help you find a place within yourself that gives you peace.   A guidepost hopefully to an understanding of your connection to the Universe and that which is beyond.  Whatever your personal realities are..... live them!  We can not change our worlds until we recognize what our WORLD is within us!  If you want a change than by all means make a change but, to do so requires effort.

Dancing outside the line requires your  truths to surface within you. It requires  your  willingness to be honest about the who it is you truly are and not who you are perceived to be.  Sometimes our own personal realities are not easy facts for us to face.   But, for us to acknowledge the  causes and effects,  in our day to day lives we must first be honest with ourselves about who it is we truly are and, what it is we truly want our worlds to be.  Our personal judgments of others are usually based from the lack of judgment within ourselves.   So, if you feel you are ready to explore new avenues then please enter and browse throughout this site.  I also would encourage you to explore many other forms of self-healing programs.   Your entering any one of them is a first step to change.