Dancing outside the Line

Learning methods on how to emerge from selfishness, and evolve into selflessness

Identifying our true selves

"Whatsoever you take as your enemy be it greed, sex, gambling, anger, hatred, whatever.  It is made an enemy by how you view it"

If you are angry, by all means be angry.  Be as angry as you could possibly be.  BUT, stay aware of the why, and how, you've become so angry. That is the only way to move out of your anger, and into your compassion.  The two emotions share the same space.

Hatred is Love, Sorrow is Joy, Cruelty is Kindness.  They all require the same intense amount of energy, they are our dual opposites.

"Once you know something you become free of it"


Once you have identified what it is you have taken as your enemy, at that point it no longer is your enemy. Why? Because you now are aware of it, there isn't a reason to fight.

Which leads us back to that single most important word AGENDA! What is my agenda? That word houses so many rooms inside of us. Problem being is we just don't like the fact that we have one. Sounds so deviate, is it? You are the deciding factor for your list of "agendas". Most often I use the word control in place of agenda. Same difference.

Webster defines agenda as: "a list of things to be done" "to program".

What is it do we want done, and how can what I want done be achieved?

Recognizing and accepting our Agendas

Breaking down the surface to recognize and accept our true agendas requires as stated before "new methods" of living. To do such you have to first be aware of your living patterns now.

As a whole we are a abnormal, unhealthy, quite insane society. But, it really  becomes hard to recognize the insanity, when everyone around us lives the same insanities, you barely notice.  The moment you do however begin to FEEL that it all is insane we shut down. WHY?  Because insanity has become so common place and normal that not feeling insane begins to be and feel aabnormal.

Now let's define feelings. Frightening isn't it? Feelings we are taught early on to stifle.  stop laughing,  stop crying,  stop moaning & groaning, stop screaming, stop dancing, stop yelling, STOP! STOP! STOP!   get the point! 

So, we suppress those feelings but, what about the need, it's still there.  Unfortunately just because we have stifled the emotion (just momentarily) you have not fed the need. 

 It's a basic one, the need to love!

We then begin to compensate for that need, and feel it with all forms of disorders.  Eating, drinking, drugs, sex, gambling, the list is endless. From the moment we arrive here we are taught how to redirect our feelings into disorders.  That diversion does feel the void but, only for a little while.  The need that still isn't fed will resurface again and again.

From time to time however we do appease that need.  With what  you ask? You guessed it, unhealthy, insane, relationships.

"Such a vicious circle"!