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Food for your Soul Vegan style

Below are listed several Youtube videos showing vegan food preparation

Preparation of vegan meals 

By this time you should be beginning to build a seriousness on becoming vegan. Because for one you choose to read on. *This however is not an over night process. If you're lucky enough to have just stopped eating meat I commend you. Most of us however recognized that this was a life long process that had to be undone. You didn't come to this planet craving meat, you were introduced to the taste of meat. You would have survived very well on just fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans believe me. Your mouth not only has gotten use to the taste of meat, it also has grown fond of the texture. The concept however is to trick the brain into having new cravings, enjoy new textures and even newer, expanded taste variations.

Some of us work from a moral aspect, some of us health, others religion. But, we all had one thing in common and that was the desire to stop eating animal. Enough was enough! You can ask any vegan what their eating habits were prior to becoming vegan and the majority will tell you they were vegetarian first. I can say this those of us that chose this path had different eating patterns prior to the commitment of becoming vegan. So, if you're serious and it seems hard don't beat yourself up! It as I stated is a process, a re-training of your brain.

The manufacturing companies have a slick way of hooking you on meat. Why not it's a multi-million dollar industry and, your health compared to the dollar is but a small price to pay. 

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