Dancing outside the Line

Learning methods on how to emerge from selfishness, and evolve into selflessness

Self Realization

We live in a world full of principles. Principles that we rarely are able to keep.  In fact it's virtually impossible.  Reasons being we've never allowed ourselves the opportunity to recognize, acknowledge, or accept who it is we truly are. The ideal of facing the real me is quite disturbing to say the least. So, introducing principles into our lives is futile.

"Unless you can see through your mask and have the guts to accept what it is you see, regardless of the consequences, only then can you begin to introduce any form of principle into your life".

The acceptance of ourselves allows us to broaden our vision of the world, as well as those within it. But, before we can approach those avenues we must first be honest with ourselves on our agendas. Oh we have them! Those little private tucked away thoughts that dare not be spoken.  For your agendas speak volume about who it is you really are. 

Self Realization requires acceptance, which comes through experience, to heighten  awareness. Until we understand that basic analogy the aspect of self realization is incomprehensible. At this juncture we should only be recognizing our current methods of living. Once you recognize and accept who it is you are, identifying those methods then becomes clearer.

Your experiences in life builds method-how that method is achieved is based on what you've experienced.

So what to date have you experienced?  Are you aware of your experiences?  Has your awareness moved you into new patterns of living?  Your acknowledgment of your life, and your lifelong habits, is vital for growth.  Without those key elements nothing can or will be achieved.

"Ego is our worse enemy, ego will not allow you to look inside of yourself"

If everything in your life seem ridiculous, mundane, insane, out of balance. The source can only be one thing........you!

YOU are the deciding factor, but to recognize that you must first be willing to move inside of yourself, with honesty and clarity.

"If you are not being creative, you are thus becoming destructive."

What leads to our destructive behaviors is our thinking(ego) with lack of feeling. We are born into this world feeling, thought(ego) is cultivated. When feelings are suppressed, thinking(ego) is all that is left.

So, the next time you tell someone you love them, be aware of if it is a thought, or just a momentary feeling.  Most of the time we barely like individuals, we generally are just getting caught up in the moment.