Dancing outside the Line

Learning methods on how to emerge from selfishness, and evolve into selflessness

The vicious insane relationship cycle

"I accept you for who you are".DO I?   "I would never try to change you" WOULD I? " You make me so complete" YOU DO? "  I have never felt such joy. "I HAVEN'T?  Okay reality check!!!

"I accept you for who you are." (As long as you do it my way.)  "I would never try to change you"  (that is as long as it works best for me.) "You make me feel so complete."  (As long as I'm your constant attention.) "I have never in my life felt such joy. "(As long as you give me what I want.)

Those are just a few of our conditional quote "unconditional" rules for love. We blurt it from the mountain tops "I love you unconditionally."  When in actuality we mean "I love you but, only under these conditions."  Then starts the cycle of insanity.  Relationship after relationship, after relationship.  But, now mind you we've never changed the rules from our first ever "unconditional, conditional love affair."   We are still working from those same guidepost.  Endlessly trying to force square pegs into round holes.  Looking for our Mr. & Mrs. rights so they can fulfill our never ending visions of love.  Now have we ever stop to think while we're looking for these people to make us feel so happy and fulfilled, what it is we can best do for ourselves.  We generally are so busy trying to find people to fill our voids, that we no longer attempt to make our own selves happy.

Me make me happy!    How can I do that, it just won't work!    What about sex?

Which presents to us a whole new spectrum of rules. Not really though.... just a new added equation because without sex it just isn't love.

Right! Right!!!!    Isn't that what we are taught, that unless we are basking in our carnal pleasures it just "ain't" love. 

So, while you are fulfilling all my emotional needs, sexually you MUST take me to higher than life heights. You MUST be romantic at all times (my way of course), and, ready to please ME at the drop of a hat.


 I'll move to the next unsuspecting Mr. or Mrs. right with my "unconditional, conditional love" demands.

No wonder we go through relationships time and time again......sheesh!

Better Understanding

As stated previously this gathered information is nothing more than that of a personal perspective in regards to our lack of awareness. As well as a glance into the predisposed notions that we generally try to force on others. "Our Methods" are built through our "experiences," our "experiences" lead us to an "awareness."   People generally never recognize or accept the truth about their methods,  so, they are basically unable to face a truth in reference to their agendas.  Why?  Because more than likely they've yet to become aware through their experiences.  

You and only you...... are the deciding factor that leads you to the door of awareness.

We all build a life full of methods, ones that are never truly understood.  But, if you should choose to change your methods, then please I suggest you consider reflection into what you've experienced.  That awareness is your true understanding, and a threshold to change.

"Unless you find peace within you, your world falls to pieces before you.  Unless you understand what's inside of you, there will never be anything useful come out of you.  You will never be able to adhere to any form of principle"