Dancing outside the Line

Learning methods on how to emerge from selfishness, and evolve into selflessness

A Universal Prayer to One Almighty

Oh Almighty God, Creator of all worlds, -- You gave us all the FIVE elements; Yet You manifest in all their forms, -- For us to feel and sense. Forgive our faults done by ignorance, -- And save us from the effects of bad deeds; Bless us with success in life, -- And unity with peace of mind.

You gave us the Limitless Sky, -- And You gave us the Purifying Air; You gave us the Bright Fire, -- And You gave us the Cool Water; You gave us this Mother Earth, --And You gave us the five senses to Feel; To know and to enjoy all Your glory -- By Sound, Touch, Vision, Taste and Smell.

Oh Almighty God, Protector and Preserver of all, --You have come to us in many forms Yet You remain formless as our One God -- That the Sages call by many names; We pray to You in so many forms, -- With our body, mind and soul; Bless us with Strength, Knowledge and Wealth; -- Give us all Health and Happiness.

As Absolute Truth and Happiness, -- In ever so many forms we see; You reside inside every one of us, -- And protect us in every form we pray. Bless us with the power and effort, -- To think about You and pray, Both in adversity and prosperity, -- And praise all Your glory everyday.

As all the rain water falling on this earth, -- Reach the One great ocean in the end; Let all our prayers in all Your Names reach You, -- As You are the beginning and the end. Lead us to the right path of long life, -- With happiness and righteous living;

Oh Almighty God, the great Destroyer of all evil, -- Give us a World of Peace and Prosperity.


-----Bala N. Aiyer---