Dancing outside the Line

Learning methods on how to emerge from selfishness, and evolve into selflessness

Our Earth, Our Mother                                                                            

This planet we call Earth, third planet from the sun formed in this perfect space to sustain our lives.  That is all with her wonderful brilliance she was meant to do, her unconscious goal is to Sustain Life.  But, in order to do that certain cosmic elements had to come into play foliage to build oxygen, vegetation for nourishment, water to house living organisms.  How simplistic yet how complexed!

We (homo sapions) have taken a seemingly wondrous gesture offered  by the cosmos, as well as a very unique opportunity and, turned it into a living nightmare!

Remember now "Mother Earth" was only made for one thing, and one thing alone, to sustain life.  The madness well we kind of made that all by ourselves. Our fears, (and only our fears) have positioned us in a path that is currently moving like a freight train to self destruction.  We are earth children, birth from bodies that were sustained by her (Mother Earth) our initial mother.  We have taken comfort in her protection knowing all is well within her circumference (as long as we follow the rules).  

 But, if we disobey..........

Mother Earth will purge mankind with all his destructive natures like a bad habit to maintain her intended goal as well as her survival.  She will wipe the slate clean, heal herself, and start the process all over again.  She is neither moral nor immoral, her purpose contains no reasoning for us to ever have to comprehend. Mother Earth just is.... as she always has been..... and will continue to be.... with or without us and, when her time is done and she returns back to her core nature, living organisms that have been contained within her sphere will thus drift throughout the cosmos,  redefining that which we call life.   How remarkable!!!!